The Ecosystem Needs YOU!

Posted by Mike Biselli on 1.3.2017

What an incredible year 2016 was for our community! Across Colorado, an unprecedented number of clinicians spoke out about the problems facing our industry. And, everywhere you looked, innovative startups were launching with the goal of developing market-based solutions to those problems.

Colorado’s booming health innovation ecosystem continued to gather in Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins to explore new ideas, new processes, and new technologies. From Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and Prime Health’s recent Innovation Challenge, to Startup Health’s new partnership with UCHealth, CU Anschutz, and Children’s Hospital Colorado, the members of our statewide health-tech community collaborated like never before!

Everything I saw last year has left me convinced that our regional ecosystem of clinicians, executives, entrepreneurs, technologists, academics, and policy makers has the power to fundamentally transform healthcare on a global scale.

But we won’t be able to do it on our own. Whether you’re the founder of a single-person startup or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, if you’re passionate about reimagining healthcare, we need you. We need your voice, your insight, and your expertise. To truly change our industry for the better, making it more efficient, more affordable, and more accessible for people everywhere, we need your help!

Get Informed

In 2016, public health experts like Joe Sammen, health-tech leaders like Jeffrey Nathanson, and healthcare executives like Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright blogged about the need to reimagine our industry. Organizations like Prime Health, Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, Colorado Emerging Medical Devices, and 10.10.10 held monthly meet-ups to spread awareness about the latest developments in health innovation.

Mark your calendars! Prime Health will hold its next Digital Health Boot Camp in February!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a clinician, or a patient, our ecosystem can provide you with everything you need to know to participate in the current transformation of healthcare. Read those blogs. Come to our meet-ups. Soon, you’ll know exactly how you can take part in the reimagining of our industry.

Get Involved

Last year, hundreds of volunteers took part in major events like the Prime Health Summit, 10.10.10 Health 2016, and the 2016 Prime Health Challenge. At those events, clinicians offered insight into the problems plaguing our industry. Technologists discussed the promise of new technologies. And representatives from major payer and provider organizations met with the founders of innovative startups. (A few hardy individuals even became health-tech entrepreneurs.)

Our community is already gearing up for 10.10.10 Health 2017!

From the industry leaders who spoke at this year’s Prime Health Summit, to the individuals who greeted the attendees of 10.10.10 Health 2016, everyone in our community did their part to drive the adoption of health innovation. By joining 10.10.10 and volunteering with Prime Health, you can do your part, too!

Come Together

Across Colorado, startups like BurstIQ, Telespine, CirrusMD, Corvectra, and are reimagining how care is delivered. The founders of these companies are maximizing their impact by regularly meeting in cities throughout the Front Range to exchange ideas and learn from one another.

MGMA held a pop-up party to celebrate its decision to join Catalyst HTI.

Last year, our community came together at pop-up parties in downtown Denver, policy meetings at the capitol building, and conferences throughout the state. (We even reached out to other communities.) Just by showing up at these gatherings, you’ll be able to chat with leading innovators, learn about their latest innovations, and help those innovations reach the patients who need them most.

Work Together

By getting informed, getting involved, and coming together with innovators from across our state, you’ll be able to identify ways to work together. To make opportunities like this an everyday reality, I’ve now spent over two years developing Catalyst HTI, a first-of-its-kind, 180,000 square foot health-tech industry integrator in Denver, Colorado.

We broke ground on Catalyst HTI this fall!

When completed in early 2018, Catalyst HTI will house established healthcare organizations alongside global tech companies and cutting edge startups – effectively integrating the healthcare industry at the point of innovation. Our tenants already include Kaiser Permanente, Hitachi Consulting, MGMA, and the American Osteopathic Association. More are joining every month. Will you?

Reimagine Healthcare

Last year, the members of our community made Colorado one of the nation’s top health innovation ecosystems. Major organizations have been taking notice. Startup Health recently opened a regional office in our state. Rock Health just announced a partnership with Davita, which is headquartered in Denver.

Yet none of this would have taken place without the efforts of clinicians, executives, entrepreneurs, technologists, academics, and policy makers like you. And so much more is possible. Our community can reimagine healthcare for people in our state, our nation, and the world. But only if we work TOGETHER!