Advancing Together

Posted by Mike Biselli on 3.3.2017

Around the world, change is happening. People are gathering in cities like San Francisco, New York, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Nairobi, Mumbai, Shang Hai, and Sydney. They’re coming from all walks of life. Some are clinicians. Others are technologists, academics, or entrepreneurs. Many are patients. They’re working side-by-side in communities known as innovation ecosystems. Little by little, their efforts are fundamentally reimagining healthcare.

They’ve already accomplished incredible things. Some have developed apps that can check for fever through the camera on your smartphone. Others have built affordable ultrasound devices that can be used by pregnant women in rural Africa. A few are even trying to build an entire healthcare system online. Regardless of what they’re working on, they all have two things in common. They’re all trying to make healthcare more accessible, more affordable, and more efficient. And they’re all committed to working together to make that happen.

Recently, UnitedAg decided to join the global movement to reimagine healthcare. A 37-year-old, member-owned agricultural trade association with more than 650 member organizations, UnitedAg has promoted the health and wellbeing of its members since its founding.

UnitedAg has promoted the health and wellness of its members since its founding.

Last month, the association opened its second clinic, which provides the employees of its member organizations with quick, efficient, and free medical care. Now, with the creation of its Healthcare Innovation Forum, a collection of leading figures in agriculture, healthcare, and innovation, UnitedAg has taken its commitment to providing affordable, quality healthcare a step further.

The members of UnitedAg’s Healthcare Innovation Forum will help the association develop bold ideas, implement best practices, and adopt new products and services. They’ll work together to transform the care the employees of UnitedAg’s members receive. Most importantly, they’ll listen to the members of UnitedAg, learning what their needs are, and finding the best ways to meet them.

On March 14th-17th, the Healthcare Innovation Forum will gather at UnitedAg’s 37th Annual Meeting and Conference. Entitled “Advancing Together,” the conference will feature expert panels on a range of important topics, including land rights, food safety, and healthcare. I’ll be speaking at the event, talking about the need to work together to make healthcare more affordable, accessible, and efficient. I’ll also be serving on UnitedAg’s Healthcare Innovation Forum, where I’ll be working with my colleagues to develop, identify, and adopt effective health innovations.

UnitedAg’s 37th Annual Conference will take place on March 14th-17th.

At the conference, the members of UnitedAg will come together as a health innovation ecosystem for the first time. We’ll learn about the new technologies that are transforming healthcare, and find out what we can do to make sure they reach the patients who need them most. Most importantly, we’ll create valuable connections that will allow us to work together to transform healthcare for people around the world. Join us!

Register now to attend UnitedAg’s 37th Annual Meeting and Conference (Napa, CA) on March 14th-17th.