Velóce Corporation Joins Catalyst HTI

Posted by Mike Biselli on 3.23.2017

DENVER, Colo. — Smart-pill technology developer Velóce Corporation announced today its decision to move its offices to Catalyst HTI when the building opens early next year. By becoming a member of Catalyst HTI, Velóce Corporation joins a community that includes national healthcare organizations like Kaiser Permanente, Anchutz Medical Campus, and American Osteopathic Association, as well as health-tech startups like CirrusMD, BurstIQ, and Telespine.

Catalyst HTI: 35th & Brighton, Looking West

Currently under development in Denver’s RiNo District, Catalyst HTI will be a first-of-its-kind, 180,000 square foot health-tech industry integrator.

“We’re thrilled to be joining the Catalyst HTI community,” said Robert Niichel, CEO of Velóce Corporation. “Moving our offices to the building should help us acquire funding, forge partnerships, and meet clients. It will also enable healthcare providers to learn about our SmartTab™ drug delivery and monitoring system.”

When completed in early 2018, Catalyst HTI will be a first-of-its-kind, 180,000 square foot health-tech industry integrator. In an attempt to consolidate Colorado’s booming health innovation ecosystem, Catalyst HTI will house a variety of accelerators and incubators, including SecureSet, a Denver-based cyber-security accelerator. Catalyst HTI’s seven floors will also contain the offices of venture generators like 10.10.10 Health and ecosystem integrators like Prime Health, as well as large healthcare organizations like Medical Group Management Association and major tech companies like Hitachi. A co-working space will be located on the building’s fourth floor, where dozens of startups will work side-by-side to reimagine healthcare.

“Catalyst HTI has been designed to integrate the healthcare industry at the point of innovation,” explained Mike Biselli, president of Catalyst HTI. “For too long, health innovation has occurred in silos. Catalyst HTI will demolish those silos by encouraging clinicians, entrepreneurs, technologists, executives, academics, and investors to collaborate on a daily basis.”

According to Niichel, Catalyst HTI will provide Velóce Corporation with the perfect environment in which to continue developing its SmartTab platform. Consisting of an ingestible capsule that contains an electronic receiver, a smart polymer actuator, and active ingredients, Velóce Corporation’s SmartTab platform represents the cutting edge in drug delivery and monitoring systems. The technology is capable of delivering pharmaceuticals to a specific part of the human body, where clinicians, who monitor the pills using connected devices, can trigger the release of their active ingredients.

“Our SmartTab platform achieves a level of precision in drug delivery that was previously impossible,” said Niichel. “With SmartTabs, providers can monitor the efficacy of treatment regimens and ensure medical compliance, which can be a costly and often deadly problem.”

With medical non-compliance currently causing 125,000 deaths each year, there’s a clear need for smart pill technologies like Velóce Corporation’s. Niichel hopes his company’s platform will also help reduce the $289 billion in annual healthcare costs attributed to non-compliance.

“Colorado has one of the most dynamic health innovation ecosystems in the nation,” said Biselli. “The addition of Veloce Corporation to Catalyst HTI will further enhance our community, ensuring that its members have access to the latest in ingestible sensor technology.”

Bob Niichel, CEO of Velóce Corporation, is interviewed at the 2017 StatupHealth Festival in San Francisco, CA.

After being spun out of Nano Pharmaceutical Laboratories® in 2015, Velóce Corporation was accepted into StartUp Health’s highly selective investment portfolio, which currently contains almost 200 health-tech startups. Earlier this year, Velóce Corporation received a patent for its novel drug delivery and monitoring system. Shortly afterwards, it decided to become a member of Catalyst HTI.

“We see our partnership with Catalyst HTI as a vital step in the growth of our company,” explained Niichel. “Our SmartTab platform will revolutionize drug delivery and monitoring systems, and being a part of Catalyst HTI will ensure that it reaches providers everywhere.

About Catalyst HTI

Catalyst HTI is an industry integrator, bringing together all of the relevant stakeholders in health-tech innovation – from single-person startups and Fortune 500 companies to nonprofit organizations and healthcare providers – to build a community where collaboration and integration ultimately lead to accelerated innovation within the industry. Located in Denver, Colorado’s burgeoning River North district and developed by Koelbel and Company, phase one of Catalyst HTI is slated to open in Q1 2018.

About Velóce Corporation

Velóce Corporation is developing the SmartTab Drug Delivery and Monitoring System, a wireless ingestible capsule that contains an electronic receiver, smart polymer actuator, and active ingredients. This precision digital delivery system can be remotely triggered via an external device and deliver active ingredients to targeted areas. SmartTab will deliver active ingredients to highly specific areas in the human body at specific times or in response to a monitored physiological condition. The system will interface with custom or current wearable and monitoring technology. The SmartTab has the capability to deliver a wide range of active ingredients and interact with the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) to optimize patient care.

About Mike Biselli

As a successful health-tech entrepreneur, a board member of Prime Health, and a senior adviser to 10.10.10, Mike Biselli has been at the forefront of the current transformation of the US healthcare system for several years, working alongside clinicians, technologists, and entrepreneurs to improve care while lowering its cost. Now, in partnership with governmental, academic, non-profit, and commercial organizations, Mike Biselli is co-developing a health-tech industry integrator in Denver’s River North District (RiNo) that will bring together digital health startups and Fortune 20s alike in the race to fix American healthcare.