The Power of Documentaries to Transform Mental Health with Lisa Sabey

Posted by Mike Biselli on 9.16.2019

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Welcome to Episode Three of Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli!

In this episode, we had the opportunity to sit down with a mother who was fiercely dedicated to finding answers for her daughter’s mental health afflictions and turned her answer-seeking journey into a nationally recognized non-profit and an award winning documentary film making organization.  

Lisa Sabey is the President of Parents-to-Parents, a non-profit that collaborates with top scientists and science-based organizations to create film documentaries about effective mental health care, preventative care and creating mental well-being from birth on.

Lisa’s current work is AMERICAN TRAGEDY, a feature-length documentary film about our country’s crisis in mental health, suicide, violence, and the scientific studies that may help society’s foundation: the family. This film uniquely follows the story of various survivors of unthinkable tragedies, researchers, journalists, parents, and advocates, and is focused on our nation’s efforts to solve the issues of mental health.

Prior to producing AMERICAN TRAGEDY, Lisa and her team produced “Going Sane”, which depicts a series of cracks in our mental health system that makes it very difficult for parents to find good mental health care for their children.

Toward the end of the podcast, Lisa shares how parents can get involved with her pioneering work to bring evidence-based mental well-being programs to our youngest community members.  

I want to personally thank and celebrate Lisa’s daughter for giving her Mother the permission to share their very intimate family story of struggle, despair, heartbreak and inspiring triumph and the immense love this family has for each other.

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