The Struggles and Successes of a Founder to Tell Stories at Scale with Kyle Shannon

Posted by Mike Biselli on 9.24.2019

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Welcome to Episode Four of Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli!

In this episode, we spent time with a successful serial entrepreneur and discussed the companies he has built, as well as authentically shared the challenges and failures along the way and how he overcame his struggles to be able to help others tell stories at scale.    

Kyle Shannon is the inventor & CEO of Storyvine. Founded in 2012, Storyvine is a guided video platform that automates video production and allows clients to “automagically” create authentic, professional video content. He’s innovated in storytelling and digital media for more than two decades.

Spending time with Kyle Shannon in the Halo Creative Labs Podcast Studio at AngelMD Headquarters.

In 1995, Kyle Co-Founded, and was the Chief Creative Officer of the pioneering digital agency,  He helped grow the company to more than 2200 employees, $200mm in revenue, and a successful IPO on the NASDAQ.

During our time together, we explored how his two-plus decades of experience have propelled him to where he is today, and how his company discovered a niche in the marketplace to be perfectly positioned to tell the stories of the patient within our massive healthcare industry.  

We also got authentic and transparent about the topic of mental health in the entrepreneurial world and how both of us dealt with our personal struggles.  Lastly, I asked Kyle to share several action items for how you can tell your organization or personal brand stories at scale. 

I want to thank Kyle for his leadership and genuine spirit in the startup and entrepreneurial community.  Kyle is someone I highly admire and over the past several years he has made me a better leader, both professionally and personally!  

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I look forward to having you a part of this podcast and the community that we will build together!

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