Creating Personalized Healthcare Experiences

Posted by Mike Biselli on 10.21.2019

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Welcome to episode eight of Passionate Pioneers!

In this episode, we spent time with one of Chicago’s “Most Notable Women in Healthcare” for 2018 and learned about the staggering financial costs that uncoordinated patient healthcare is creating, and more importantly, the negative physical and mental impacts this is having in our communities across the nation.

Carrie Kozlowski, is a senior executive with 18 years of strategic, tactical, and management experience in the healthcare industry and is the Co-Founder and COO at Upfront Healthcare, a high growth company using proven marketing techniques combined with a rules-driven healthcare content management platform to publish secure and personalized landing pages to patient consumers. In the form of text messages and other digital means, Upfront Healthcare creates a unique digital experience that is specific to each individual consumer based on their visit history, health needs, demographics, insurance, and more. 

During our time together, Carrie shared the real-world impacts uncoordinated care has on our industry as well as some real-world examples and statistics of how Upfront Healthcare is truly moving the needle in achieving holistic care coordination for patients in our communities! Toward the end of the podcast, Carrie shared a few action items all of us can implement today to better improve the healthcare system that inevitably touches all of us and our loved ones.  

I want to celebrate Carrie for all she is doing across the nation, beyond just her work in leading Upfront Healthcare. Carrie is a tremendous advocate and voice for aspiring female healthcare industry leaders and is passionate to give a hand up to her colleagues who are dedicating themselves to reimagine the health of our nation! 

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