A Pharmacist Turned Tech Entrepreneur to Battle the Nation’s Opioid Epidemic

Posted by Mike Biselli on 10.14.2019

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Welcome to episode seven of Passionate Pioneers!

In this episode, we learned about the opioid epidemic, and its devastating impact on our country, from a leading expert in prescription drug monitoring, adherence, and patient-focused outcomes as well as how this national leader is battling this public health crisis through the power of community and technology.  

Dr. Robert Valuck, a pharmacy industry expert, is the Founder and CEO of Opisafe, an award-winning solution provider of platforms designed to manage the opioid response for prescribers, dispensers, public health agencies, first responders and the general public. Their comprehensive approach helps close the gap between the epidemic and the solutions that stakeholders need to respond.

Dr. Rob Valuck and me discussing his pioneering work on the podcast.

During our time together, Dr. Valuck shared how this public health crisis came about, and why he and his team at OpiSafe are perfectly positioned to bring relief to our nation. 

Toward the end of the podcast, Dr. Valuck shared three action items all of us can take today to help our friends, neighbors, and family confront and battle this epidemic that touches every corner of our nation.

I want to thank the entire OpiSafe team and the quest they are on to bring much-needed relief to our nation’s opioid crisis.  I hope you will join and support these Passionate Pioneers to help grow their inspiring and impactful mission. 

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