Embracing the Superpowers of our Next Generation

Posted by Mike Biselli on 11.11.2019

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Welcome to episode eleven of Passionate Pioneers!

In this episode, we spoke with an inspiring nurse practitioner seeking to change healthcare from the inside and embrace the superpowers of our next generation.

Weaving the threads of mom, entrepreneur, teacher, nurse, primary care provider, and science geek, Amy Edgar founded the Children’s Integrated Center for Success in 2014.

Amy’s Center unites systems thinking and integrated care delivery models to create a primary care center focused on children with behavioral health needs.

From the latest in genetics research, nutrition, and occupational therapy and speech, to art and equine therapy, to staffing school advocates and marriage counselors, Amy’s organization offers hope and answers for the families the Center serves and the need to reach every child, every time.

During this episode, Amy shared her inspiring work with the Center and the positive impacts the organization has had on thousands of families in Pennsylvania and beyond, and how Amy is now focusing on scaling her passions with her technology company, Blackbird Health

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I want to thank Amy for her dedication and passion to serve some of the most vulnerable members in our communities- our youth. Amy’s relentless dedication to improving the lives of our children is incredibly inspiring and i’m honored to highlight her work on Passionate Pioneers. It is my hope you will connect with and support Amy as she now dedicates herself to scaling her mission across the country. 

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