Bringing Prosthetic Services to the Patient

Posted by Mike Biselli on 12.30.2019

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Welcome to episode eighteen of Passionate Pioneers!

In this episode, we learned from a highly trained Prosthetist about the functional challenges that come with injury and amputation and how he is bringing renewed hope to the many lives he serves.

Eric Neufeld is the Founder and Chief Prosthetist of Agile Orthopedics, a mobile prosthetic and orthotic service that combines experience, empathy, and cutting edge technology by utilizing innovation, skill, and compassion, to better serve patients in need.

During this episode, Eric shared his professional journey of working in the industry and seeing an opportunity to innovate care delivery for patients needing prosthetic services, by bringing the services to them.

Eric also highlighted the moment he convinced his wife that he wanted to start his own company and the anxiety of leaving a corporate job and jumping off the entrepreneurial cliff.  Most importantly, he passionately discusses the inspirational stories of the life-changing impact that his company is bringing to so many.

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Before we learn from Eric, I want to honor him and his team for recognizing an opportunity to serve the injured around us and his passion for restoring hope and ability for these community members. Our conversation became very emotional, and I am confident you will feel it while listening to this episode. It is my hope you will support Eric and his team while on their journey as they work to expand their reach and servitude across our nation.

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