Deploying Grandkids On-Demand Across the Nation

Posted by Mike Biselli on 12.16.2019

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Welcome to episode sixteen of Passionate Pioneers!

In this episode, we spent time with a nationally recognized healthcare innovation leader, who is laser-focused on bringing elegant and helpful life empowerment solutions to a large and fast-growing demographic, our nation’s seniors.  

Andrew Parker is the Founder and CEO of Papa, an on-demand personal assistance platform and service to provide socialization for our elders. Papa connects seniors with college students, or Papa Pals, who can then help our seniors complete tasks, assist with transportation, house chores, technology lessons and other services. 

During this episode, Andrew shared his personal and family journey with his own grandfather, and how he recognized the extreme difficulty associated with juggling daily life and senior family member needs.  
While the Papa platform was initially built to support Andrew’s own grandfather, Andrew and his family recognized how impactful and positive it was to connect their grandfather with a young, energetic, and enthusiastic individual. After the first visit, Andrew knew he had something special to offer other families with the same need.

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Before we dive into the podcast, I want to celebrate Andrew and his team for their passion and commitment to building such an impactful and game-changing solution to repair the social isolation and loneliness epidemic many of our senior’s experience and die from.  This was a moving and meaningful conversation and I hope you will help Andrew and his team further their mission: to deploy grandkids-on-demand across the nation! 

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