Reducing Hospital Readmissions for NICU Graduates

Posted by Mike Biselli on 2.3.2020

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Welcome to episode twenty-three of Passionate Pioneers!

In episode 23, we learned from a national leading innovator in the field of newborn medicine and his passion for breaking down the barriers that exist between the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the newborn’s home.

Dr. Ross Sommers is the Founder and CEO of Firstday Healthcare, a company offering a suite of digital healthcare solutions that are empowering parents of NICU graduates with innovative models of home healthcare, leading to fewer emergency room visits and hospital readmissions.

During our time together, Dr. Sommers shared his experience of becoming an Ivy League trained Neonatologist and witnessing first-hand the lack of the continuum of care for his patients between the hospital setting and care at home.

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I am excited for you to get to know Dr. Sommers and hear his passion for delivering better health outcomes for our smallest and newest community members. It was evident during our discussion that Dr. Sommers and his team are well on their way in reimagining how our healthcare system engages with NICU graduates. It is my hope you and your community will reach out to help further empower Firstday Healthcare while on their pioneering journey!

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