Reinventing Medical Condition Management

Posted by Mike Biselli on 2.10.2020

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Welcome to episode twenty-four of Passionate Pioneers!

In episode 24, I spent time with a seasoned technology executive and entrepreneur who is building a fast-growing and impactful platform for patients and care providers.

But, most importantly, I shared the podcast studio with someone I deeply admire, respect, and consider a close friend, and I’m excited for you to be a part of our conversation.

Mehmet Kazgan is the CEO of cliexa, a platform that enables physicians and hospitals to fully leverage patient-reported data to improve clinical care and outcomes while maximizing reimbursement. cliexa’s applications are easily customized to address specific requirements of chronic care management and reimbursement, while also removing financial and IT-integration barriers.

During our time together, Mehmet shared how cliexa came to be and how he went about building a company from scratch after identifying a need in the marketplace and turning his platform into an industry-recognized innovation.

Mehmet also shared with us what it was like being a fighter pilot. Yes- a fighter pilot!

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Before we hear from Mehmet and his incredible life journey, I want to thank him and the entire cliexa team for their sincere dedication and relentless pursuit to improve the healthcare industry. After you hear from Mehmet, it is my hope you will reach out to him and the team and support them on their mission to reinvent the way the healthcare industry manages medical conditions.

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