Empowering Personalized Healthcare

Posted by Mike Biselli on 3.2.2020

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Welcome to episode twenty-seven of Passionate Pioneers!

In episode 27, we welcomed a brilliant and dedicated health-tech entrepreneur from Baltimore onto the podcast.

Sathya Elumalai is the CEO of Aidar Health, a healthcare technology, and digital therapeutics company reimagining today’s standards for clinical trials, chronic care management, and health monitoring.

During our time together, Sathya discussed his journey with his mother’s chronic conditions and how this experience drives him to continue to build innovative technology to help others like his mother. Additionally, Sathya shared with us how he became the CEO of a fast-growth startup after being an employee at Johns Hopkins University for many years and what this experience has been like for him, both personally and professionally.  

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Sathya’s story of relentless passion and pursuit to make our world a healthier place by what he is building at Aidar Health will leave you inspired. It is my hope after learning from Sathya that you will reach out to him and his team as they continue to dedicate themselves to bringing life-changing digital therapeutics to our communities across the world. 

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