Expert Coronavirus Updates | Session 8

Posted by Mike Biselli on 5.6.2020

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Welcome to episode forty-seven of Passionate Pioneers!

During this episode, and since it is National Nurses Week, we brought LinkedIn’s Top Nursing Influencer, national thought leader, author, and innovation evangelist onto the podcast.

Dr. Bonnie Clipper is the chief clinical officer at Wambi and was the first vice president of innovation for the American Nurses Association, where she created the innovation framework that is inspiring 4 million registered nurses to transform health through nurse-led innovation. Before these roles, Bonnie spent more than 20 years in executive nursing roles.

Given the super-human efforts our nurses are bringing to their profession during the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt it was vital for us to understand better what these heroes are going through, what is needed most at this time, and what the nursing profession will be like in the future.

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I’m fortunate for us to be able to learn from Bonnie so we can do our part to help some of our nation’s bravest citizens.

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