Scaling Healthcare’s Fixes

Posted by Mike Biselli on 5.18.2020

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Welcome to episode fifty-one of Passionate Pioneers!

During this episode, I spent time with a best-selling author, acclaimed TED speaker, and one of the nation’s most influential digital health leaders that is laser-focused on accelerating the adoption of practical, non-partisan fixes to our healthcare system.

Dave Chase is the co-founder of Health Rosetta and leads the vision to empower community-owned health plans, which is considered a blueprint for 21st-century health benefits.

While together, Dave shared his background and storied career and why his experiences led him to become relentlessly passionate in building an ecosystem to replicate healthcare’s fixes.

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Dave also updated us on how he and his team are collaborating with the federal government to bring sensible COVID-19 solutions to the healthcare industry.

I can’t wait for you to get to know Dave, and learn from this brilliant servant leader who is stewarding over 4 million lives through the Health Rosetta community and is continually working to bring healthcare’s fixes to all of us across the nation.

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