The Catalyst HTI Community: SecureSet

Posted by Mike Biselli on 2.24.2016

In Colorado, our health innovation community is building apps, platforms, and devices that will fundamentally transform healthcare as we know it. But with each new innovation that we develop, we’re generating more and more data that needs to be organized, analyzed, and – most importantly – protected.

Cybersecurity experts around the world have recognized that the digital transformation of healthcare is leaving hospitals vulnerable to cyber attack. And as the threat to our healthcare system grows, these experts are increasingly stepping up to safeguard the information of patients and providers.

Unfortunately, the danger to our healthcare system is growing so quickly that there aren’t enough cybersecurity professionals to ensure our data remains safe and secure.

Thanks to SecureSet, this state of affairs is about to change!


SecureSet’s academy produces fully-fledged cybersecurity professionals in five months!

SecureSet is a Denver-based cybersecurity organization that’s dedicated to training the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. Its academy uses a combination of hands-on instruction, guided product training, and certification courses to develop fully-fledged cybersecurity professionals in only five months!

Their commitment to strengthening the IT defenses of our healthcare system doesn’t stop there, either! SecureSet also runs a business accelerator that finds amazing cybersecurity startups, invests $50,000 in them, and then provides them with mentorship for four months as they get their ideas off the ground!

Recognizing that the complexity of the healthcare system requires them to work closely with industry partners, SecureSet understands the value of being a part of Catalyst HTI. They know that working side-by-side with digital health entrepreneurs and major healthcare organizations will allow them to anticipate potential security issues long before they become a reality.


The SecureSet team is dedicated to improving the security of healthcare systems everywhere.

“We are excited to join Catalyst HTI because few areas in technology offer as much promise to better the lives of Americans than digital health,” Bret Fund, the CFO of SecureSet, told me recently. “However, success requires information assurance. Catalyst HTI fully embraces this reality. That is why we believe strongly in our vision of collaboration with the Catalyst HTI community. Through this partnership, we can support hundreds of entrepreneurs, working professionals, and corporations that all need qualified cybersecurity talent and quality products in order to grow. This value proposition is totally unique and immensely valuable for all of us!”

With SecureSet to provide guidance, the tenants of Catalyst HTI will remain at the forefront of cybersecurity, ensuring that their digital health innovations deliver on their promise to transform healthcare for all of us!