A Global Awareness

Posted by Mike Biselli on 8.2.2016

Around the world, a realization is growing. Everywhere you look, clinicians, patients, entrepreneurs, executives, investors, academics, politicians, and more are waking up to the potential of new ideas, new processes, and new technologies to radically transform our industry. In places like Madison, Austin, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Nairobi, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Singapore, and Sydney, innovators of all kinds are taking advantage of a momentous opportunity to make healthcare more accessible, more affordable, and more effective.

They’re doing this together, working alongside one another in regional health-tech innovation ecosystems composed of early stage startups, major technology companies, and established healthcare organizations.

And their collaborations are changing everything.

Here in Denver, Colorado, our ecosystem is thriving. In June, the healthcare experts at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus participated in 10.10.10 Health, a revolutionary business generator that just produced its second class of health-tech innovators. Last month, Denver-based digital health consultancy Commerce Kitchen developed a prototype patient identification system during a hackathon held by the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM). And this month, the Boulder-based Boomtown Health-Tech Accelerator will graduate its second class of startups, the members of which have already generated a fair amount of excitement in our community.

Widespread collaboration is driving the growth of our health-tech ecosystem in Denver, Colorado.

All of this represents only a fraction of the activity occurring within our ecosystem – and that activity is increasing every day. While both the incredible promise of digital technology and the pressing need to fix our broken healthcare system are motivating this growth, the main engine driving it is the ecosystem itself. The members of our community are quick to network, collaborate, and form partnerships, because they know that healthcare is a highly complex, heavily regulated industry, and no single individual, startup, or organization will be able to reimagine it on their own.

More than anything else, this simple awareness – the understanding that only together will we fulfill the promise of digital health technology – is responsible for the vibrancy, dynamism, and power of our ecosystem.

And we’re not alone in this awareness.

Cleveland is currently rebranding itself as the “Medical Capital” by promoting a “strong, unified health and biomedical ecosystem,” while calls for more collaboration are growing within Seattle’s robust health-tech cluster. Abroad, Scotland is building up its own ecosystem to position itself as “a world leader in digital health,” as thriving clusters of innovation appear across Canada.

In a sign of just how much is possible, India and Israel held a joint hackathon in July to develop technologies that could improve access to affordable care. And as a reminder that powerful collaborations can also occur at a smaller scale, the Colorado-based brain-imaging company Cerescan recently partnered with the world-renowned child psychiatrist Dr. Bruce Perry, using its cutting edge imaging technology to validate Dr. Perry’s Neurosequential Model of Therapuetics (NMT).

All of these collaborations happened because the individuals, companies, and organizations involved were aware of who was working to transform healthcare, what was being done to change things, and where opportunities existed to participate in the reimagining of our industry.

And anyone can posses this awareness.

All that’s required is a willingness to learn.

Catalyst HTI has demonstrated the clear need for industry integration in health-tech innovation ecosystems.

As the president of Catalyst HTI, a first-of-its-kind, 190,000 square foot health-tech industry integrator in Denver, Colorado – which when completed in early 2018 will house digital health startups, major technology companies, and established healthcare organizations in a single location, effectively integrating the healthcare industry at the point of innovation – I’ve been doing my part to foster this awareness by building an environment that will turn our ecosystem into a community of innovators who are dedicated to reimagining healthcare together.

The magnitude of Catalyst HTI and the clear need for industry integration in regional health-tech ecosystems across the globe has caught the attention of healthcare stakeholders everywhere. Here in Colorado, I’ll be spreading the word about the startups working to make aging-in-place a reality for our growing elderly population at the 2016 Age Well Conference on October 28th. During my talk, I’ll discuss how audience members can take part in the movement to make aging healthier, safer, and more dignified through innovation.

I’ll also be delivering a keynote speech at Health Data Management’s Value-Based Care conference on September 21st in Dallas, Texas. The transition to value-based care will require a new level of collaboration in the US healthcare system, and the organizers of this event are convinced that industry integrators like Catalyst HTI offer an effective means of breaking down silos and building the communities needed to leave behind fee-for-service and embrace the value-based care revolution.

London 3

Thousands of health innovators from across the globe will gather in London for the GIANT Health Event.

And from November 16th-19th, I’ll be speaking at the Global Innovation and New Technology (GIANT) Health Event in London, England, where I’ll have the opportunity to share my vision of industry integration at the point of innovation with thousands of healthcare stakeholders from across the globe. The GIANT Health Event will provide attendees with an unparalleled opportunity to learn who is working to transform our industry, what is being doing to change things, and where opportunities exist to participate in the reimagining of healthcare at a global level.

Whether regionally, nationally, or internationally, each of these conferences will strive to create communities of healthcare innovators by fostering a widespread awareness of the fact that only together will we fix our broken industry. Join me at these events, and learn how you can take part in powerful collaborations that just might accelerate the transformation of healthcare worldwide.