Reflections from my Sabbatical

Posted by Mike Biselli on 6.26.2019

I hope your summer is off to a nice start.  We are FINALLY experiencing summer-like temps a ‘Mile High’ here in Denver, even while my colleagues and friends continue to slap their skis on in the high country! 

As many of you know, during March/April of 2019, I had the fortunate opportunity to spend a month in Asia for my first-ever professional sabbatical.  

After many long years of working around the clock with my team members to bring Catalyst HTI to life, it was time to take a break and dig deep to do some inner work in order to prepare for the next 5+ years of dedicating myself to help reimagine the health of our nation.  And, as mentioned in this article, the one thing I’ve learned through this entire journey of being an entrepreneur is that it is incredibly hard and taxing on one’s own health. Thus, it was time to unplug and to make sure ‘Mike checks in with Mike’ in order to re-fuel the tanks and get ready for these next 5+ years.  Needless to say, it was worth every moment! 

From hugging an elephant and spending time with monks in Laos, to sailing in Thailand, to an amazing ‘treat yourself’ moment in Japan with desserts from a street vendor, to visiting the ‘Train Street’ in Vietnam, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience to expand my mind and to remind myself of the passion I have to help reimagine the health of our nation and beyond! 

To that end, I’m more excited and energized than ever to continue to share my journey with other other like-minded leaders who are dedicating themselves to reimagining the health of our communities.   

If your organization is seeking a very passionate motivational speaker for your event (conferences, company-wide events and beyond), please let me know. More specifically, I always enjoy kicking off an event with my “Reimagine Healthcare Together” keynote address (which gets the crowd VERY fired up!)!  

To all of my supporters around the world- THANK YOU!  Thank you for your continued support, encouragement, and dedication to the wild ideas I have that, in fact, we CAN move the health of our communities forward, when we do it TOGETHER! 

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