Embracing Failure to Achieve Success

Posted by Mike Biselli on 7.13.2020

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Welcome to episode sixty-five of Passionate Pioneers!

During this episode, we spent time with a serial entrepreneur who lost it all due to bankruptcy and found his calling in leading a global movement to teach others how to embrace failure to achieve success.

Miha Matlievski is the CEO of Operation: Firehouse and known worldwide as the Fail Coach.

While together, Miha shared his very personal story of loss, despair, and his inspiring comeback that has now positioned him to help thousands of leaders around the world to better understand and embrace failure as part of the process in achieving success.

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Because of Miha’s passion and servant leadership to help us better understand and embrace failure, I’m confident his inspiring mission will help you think anew as we continue to work together to move the health of our industry and nation forward.

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