I’ve joined Olive (and the reason why)!

Posted by Mike Biselli on 10.15.2020

Earlier this week at the HLTH virtual conference, Sean Lane (CEO of Olive) unveiled a game-changing platform to enable digital health and health-tech innovators to scale their technologies with Olive’s healthcare system customers: Olive Helps. In case you’d like to read the announcement vs. watching a video, here’s the press release: CLICK HERE

This big news is on the heels of Olive’s latest funding round of $106 million.

Now that Olive Helps is public, I have a personal update I’m incredibly excited to share.

I have joined the Olive team to lead emerging technology partnerships! Here’s the press release: CLICK HERE

Joining Olive is a dream come true for me and the mission I’ve been on for so many years: to help the dreamers, the innovators and startups to reimagine the healthcare industry with their inspiring ideas and intelligent technologies. I now get to do this at scale with the power of Olive behind our community!

Olive is ready to support your mission to create a better healthcare industry and the amazing people we serve within it. She has her sleeves rolled up and she can’t wait to help you scale your innovations with our healthcare system customers!

How can you get involved? Great question! Here are some call-to-actions:

  • Let our team know that you’re interested in partnering with Olive: CLICK HERE
  • Please share the news on your social media channels via this blog post so we can also help the leaders in your network

I look forward to having you involved with our work at Olive as we continue our march toward carving a trillion dollars of waste out of the American healthcare system!