Adaptrack’s Charge to Unlock Clinician Balance

Posted by Brian Cohen, MD on 5.19.2021

We’re not here to save the world. We’re not here to solve healthcare. Or COVID. Or the glitch during your Zoom call. We are here to save you from and support you through the small risks and pain points of your day to day. Because that is where we need to start – but not where we will end.

As clinicians, we all have our own stories and deal with our own challenges in different ways. The constants, especially over the past year, are stress and fatigue. This is demonstrated by over 40% of clinicians reporting signs of burnout. As clinicians, we continue to do our jobs, balancing the new paradigm of providing care while managing a new home life. We share the same collective exhaustion as many essential workers. Every available minute counts. Although the discounts and gifts for healthcare workers have ended, our responsibilities have not. Typically, it is the administrative responsibilities layered on to our clinical duties that push us over the edge. Over 30% of clinicians report spending 20 hours or more on administrative tasks every week. With the scar tissue of the last year leaving a number of clinicians with PTSD-like symptoms, we are exposed further. Call it burnout. Call it fatigue. Call it feeling <fill in the blank!!>.

Adaptrack’s focus is to drive value to and provide support for clinicians on the frontline of healthcare. We are determined to put a solution in the hands of our users, the individuals providing care, and make their day easier. Safer. More balanced. More rewarding. Can we help mitigate stressors, give back time, avoid the common pitfalls that plague clinicians? That is Adaptrack.

Over the past year, we have gained some critical insights into our healthcare community. We learned that it is still possible to find balance, even under extreme conditions. And that part of achieving balance can be through spending time with colleagues through clinician co-learning. We learned that life is fragile, yet people are resilient, especially when facing challenges together. We were reminded of the healthcare system deficiencies, but also that the frontline of healthcare is one of its true strengths. We witnessed the power of small acts of kindness and understand the value produced is not just in what is received, but in the act itself.

We were reminded that risks surround us. Over 50% of clinicians are sued during their professional careers with certain specialties being at a much higher risk. They follow us from patient to patient and from work to home. These risks are embedded into our day-to-day manifest as malpractice claims, medical errors, or as a morally injured clinician. Ultimately, these risks feed the inevitable cycle of ongoing errors and stressors. This is where Adaptrack plays – where we want to be. Adaptrack is your sidekick, working on behalf of you and with leading industry partners, including Olive. Our risk insights and data-driven micro habits lead to risky habit awareness. Adaptrack allows you, the clinician, to capture reflections that are meaningful to you, to learn in that moment, allowing relevant behavioral habits to be formed. 96% of Adaptrack users either actively reflect with or find nudge content useful while using our platform. As a reward for this engagement, Adaptrack seamlessly attaches AMA PRA Category 1 Continuing Medical Education (CME) CreditsTM at a 5x savings, while aligning medical malpractice premium discounts. Time and money back.

By driving awareness, while capturing clinician learning, we can reward the right behavioral habits how and where users want to engage, all while providing a more productive learning experience. Adaptrack has become the driving force behind clinician learning on topics that matter to the frontline of healthcare, while providing a rewards engine that is redefining CME. All of this with the mission to make our users’ days better.

So, as we progress through our journey of solving risks and pain points, let’s begin by saving you significant time and money. Real time and real money – that goes directly back to you. Spend that free time on yourself or your family. Find the  balance that we saw a glimpse of during quarantine. Adaptrack is not saving the world, but we are passionate in supporting our users. Let’s start by giving you back some of YOUR time and YOUR money, while checking off some of those administrative stressors from your annual checklist. It’s the least we can (and will) do…

Dr. Brian Cohen is Adaptrack‘s Chief Medical Officer.